Artist of the Month:
Jennifer Turnbull

Otaki-based potter and ceramist Jennifer Turnbull works in a variety of clays and fires with electric and gas kilns. She combines techniques of throwing, altering, slab and hand building.

"I am interested in developing interesting surfaces, by using coloured slips, stamps and textures from prints and then layering on the glaze, to bring vibrancy to the finished piece. This plays a large part in terracotta and 1200C work.

Alternatively I enjoy making high fired, clean, simple work from porcelain and then allowing the firing to influence the clay and glaze colour.

Each series of work is very different and allows me to play with ideas and technique which is a challenge and a joy."

Read more about Jennifer and view examples of her craft here

The Holtom Building

When you cross the railway tracks into Paekakariki you will see a big, two story building on the left, with lettering on the top “Holtom’s Building 1920” 

This place has history and is worth a look around. 

You enter through the downstairs doorways next to The Perching Parrot or The Beach Deli. 

This was originally a purpose built garage with additional commercial rooms to supply quarters for the stage coach. 

Over time the large rooms have been used as Billiard Rooms, Accommodation and a Sewing factory. 

There is still the large open fireplace, the old coal range and original Meter Board. 

Today the spaces have been transformed into Artist Studios and Galleries. A huge variety of work is created here. Wood carvings, paintings, transformed furniture and exquisitely made jewelery are just some of the artworks that can be found here. 

During opening hours the public are free to wonder through the labyrinth of rooms and large creative spaces. 

Open Thurs – Sun. 

10 .am –

Phone 04-9059250.

Tim Hunt Tattoist

Gaby Lingke of Livlin Productions has recently completed a short documentary on Tim Hunt, a reknowned tattooist based in the Paekakariki village.

It features commentary from Tim about his creative style, and footage of some 'work in progress' at his studio.

The video can be viewed online at Tim's website, which also features a photographic gallery of his craft, here.

Gaby has also created other local documentaries, including one featuring Fritz Eisenhofer's dome house in Peka Peka.

You can visit her website for more content here.

Image courtesy of Paddy Riley Photography

Lindsay Rabbitt - Poet, Writer, Filmmaker

Lindsay Rabbitt is an essayist, experimental filmmaker, poet and a member of the song/spoken word troupe Waiata and the Word.

His most recent book, THESE LIVES I HAVE BURIED, was one of the books published in the Montana Estates essay series.

He is also the author of four books of poetry, UPAGAINSTIT, ON THE LINE, THEWAYOFIT and A WAKE.

Lindsay trained as a hand and machine typographer in the sixties; moved into writing poetry and publishing in the seventies and eighties; travelled into journalism in the nineties; explored filmmaking, and spiked book/art/radio reviews and essays in the two thousands.

Read more about Lindsay here


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