Bee Doughty-Pratt

Bee Doughty-Pratt was announced the Wellington winner of the international Cliftons Art Prize in May 2012 and each year also successfully exhibits as a ‘single wall artist’ at the huge NZ Art Show. Every year in early November sees Bee opening her studio as one of the selected professional artists on the Kapiti Arts Trail.   Bee also finds time throughout each year to fit in other solo exhibitions elsewhere in New Zealand and participates in numerous group shows.

Although Bee has had a lifelong interest in art, the route to becoming a full time artist has been a long one, being set aside for some years in favour of running her own company in the computer industry.

“Finally letting go of my business interests has allowed me to refocus on painting. My studio gallery is a revamped garden shed with plenty of light and now enough white wall space to hang at least ten large half finished paintings. Perched high on the banks of the Otaki River, it has magnificent river views right down the Otaki Forks gorge. Every day painting here is a challenge and a pleasure. I love every minute of it.”

“Mostly I paint abstract landscapes and seascapes in oils and inks - on large canvases usually at least 1 metre square but often much larger - up to 2-3 metres square especially for commissions. I work on several paintings at once, coming back to each one repeatedly to continue the layers over a period of weeks until complete. For light relief, at the end of a day’s work, I also have fun painting smaller works.”

“Water in some form or other features in virtually every canvas I paint . . . river water, lake water, sea water – all abstract water. This has to have something to do with life’s inevitable ebb and flow – sometimes overwhelmingly powerful, sometimes infinitely peaceful. I am also all about colour and try to use colour to capture the feelings or emotions behind these land and seascapes - the essence of them, real or imagined, rather than the actual detail.”

Bee’s vibrant works are in demand from galleries and buyers throughout the country. In addition to exhibiting regularly, Bee accepts commissions for larger paintings and also sells her work via her website. 

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